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  • University of Lethbridge

    A Board-governed public university operating under Alberta’s Post-Secondary Learning Act, the University of Lethbridge is a premier institution of higher education and research. A comprehensive university established on the principles of liberal education, the U of L emphasizes inspiring teaching, a personalized and interactive learning environment, and student involvement in learning, innovative activities, and research. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs in education, fine arts, health sciences, humanities, management, nursing, sciences, and social sciences, leading to academic degrees at the Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral levels. We provide targeted programming at our campuses in Calgary and Edmonton and through distance delivery.

    The University collaborates with FNMI peoples to develop programs that are suitable and available to them. The University of Lethbridge provides an environment that meets the educational and personal requirements of students through outstanding teaching, exposure to research, interaction with professors and instructors, academic advising, counseling, and cultural, recreational and extracurricular programs.

    We value and support many approaches to teaching and learning, and attempt to be a leader in using teaching tools, techniques, and technologies to facilitate, ameliorate, and refine the educational experience. We build and sustain facilities for pursuing original research and innovative activities, and conduct research in all disciplines, developing and sustaining centers of research excellence in areas where we have special expertise or that have particular relevance to the region.

    We establish mutually supportive relationships and partnerships with governments, institutions, communities, organizations, and individuals, to develope and improve the value of the University to the region, the province, the country, and the world.

     The University of Lethbridge exists to build a better community.We do this in six essential ways:

    1. We make students ready for their personal and professional paths.

    2. We develop innovative discoverers and independent learners at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    3. We create, explore, disseminate, and apply knowledge through excellence in basic and applied research of regional and global affect.

    4. We encourage and nurture creative expression.

    5. We pursue community participation.

    6. We value, encourage, and celebrate the talents and attempts of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.


    Faculties & Schools:

    Social Sciences




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    Last Updated: 25 September 2013
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