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    The Kings University College

    King's University College is a Christian university college committed to academic excellence, improvement of the whole person, high employment potential, and vibrant student life. But what is Christian university education?Is King's a Bible College? No. A seminary? Again, no. King's University College provides fully accredited bachelor degrees in the arts and sciences from a Christian perspective. At King's, the curriculum begins, not with a desire to prove the existence of God, but with the conviction that God exists. All disciplines fall under the sovereignty of God, whether science, art, history or philosophy. Knowledge enhances faith, and faith enhances knowledge.

    Additionally, at King's the curriculum is intentionally interdisciplinary, meaning that all fields work with each other and nothing is studied in isolation. This stems from the belief that this reflects the Creator's design. Activities inside and outside the classroom are designed to encourage students to examine real world issues from a Christian perspective and to become agents of social transformation.


    Academic Faculties:

    Faculty of Arts


    Faculty of Natural Sciences


    Cross-Divisional Programs


    Faculty of Education


    Faculty of Social Sciences





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    Last Updated: 25 September 2013
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