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    Concordia University College of Alberta

    Concordia University College of Alberta is committed to the highest standards in education, spiritual care, service, and professional conduct and to the delivery of excellent university programs. We value the potential of each student and provide a student-focused liberal arts education.

    • Interactive and creative university programs offered within an engaging learning environment and a close community of students, faculty, and staff
    • Degrees that are recognized nationally and internationally
    • Degrees that are designed to make students ready for professional programs (e.g., education, law, medicine, dentistry, etc.) or graduate school
    • Teachers who are committed to excellence in teaching and research
    • Programs that concentrate on writing and research, integrate technology with teaching, or offer practical, hands-on training through field or work experiences
    • Student life that is diverse and available — athletics, drama, student leadership, choir, symphony orchestra
    • Provide services for aboriginal students, for students returning to school after several years, and for students with physical or learning disabilities
    • An overwhelming number of Concordia graduates are completely satisfied with their university experience
    • Concordia has been satisfying graduates since 1921




    Undergraduate and After-Degree Programs

    Graduate Studies Programs




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    Last Updated: 25 September 2013
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