• Life in Australia



    Life in Australia

    Located between 10° and 39° south latitude, Australia is the sixth largest land mass in the world. It is the only nation to govern the entire continent and the outlying islands. Australia is mostly dry as it has one of the lowest rainfall levels in the world. As a result of this, three quarters of the nation is semi-arid in nature. Australian residents share diverse backgrounds. The cultural makeup includes the indigenous people of Australia and settlers coming from all across the world. For this reason, immigration is a big factor in Australian society. In all parts of Australia, people place a lot of importance on family life. All Australians are equal under the law. This means that nobody should be treated differently from anybody else because of their race, ethnicity or country of origin; because of their age, gender, marital status or disability; or because of their political or religious beliefs.

    Australia has a strong market–based economy that is open, flexible and competitive. It has a stable and modern institutional structure that provides certainty to businesses and a welcoming environment for international investment.



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    Last Updated: 30 November 2009
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