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    Australia is so big and diverse that it could never merely be the sum of its icons. The stunning architecture of the Sydney Opera House, the glow of Uluru (Ayers Rock) at dusk, a wave curled above a colourful reef – these are only part of the experience that unfolds once your feet touch the soil of this awesome country-continent.

    Australia's natural beauty is one of its biggest attractions. The landscape varies from endless sunbaked horizons to tropical rainforests to chilly southern beaches. Its cities blend an enthusiasm for art and food with a love of sport and the outdoors. Visitors will have to re-think their grasp of geography in this huge country. The sheer vastness gives Australia – and its diverse population – much of its character.

    Many things about this faraway island are different, even the things that sound familiar. You may have visited remote places, but not the sublime isolation of the outback, with its dazzling salt pans and sandstone towers. You would have encountered wildlife, but when did you last ride a camel among desert oak trees or have your camp site visited by a Tasmanian devil? Perhaps you've enjoyed seafood, but here you'll taste barramundi fish and delicious Moreton Bay bugs (a shellfish). From rainforest trails to fascinating museums, vibrant multicultural cities to a love of sport, Australia is unique.

    Australia's population has recently surpassed the 20,000,000 mark, with nearly one quarter of all residents in Australia born overseas, making it truly a multicultural country. This diversity is reflected in Australian way of life, for example: Although the majority of Australians are Christian, there are a wealth of other religions which are represented in communities across the country. The main cities all have synagogues, temples and mosques and some universities have their own religious groups on campus. The main language in Australia is English, but due to the more than 1 million Asians currently living in Australia, and population based on European immigrants, many other languages are commonly spoken such as Chinese, Japanese, German, French, etc....

    2% of the population of Australia are native to Australia. Aborigines have lived in Australia for more than 40,000 years. Due to this diverse, multicultural mix, Australia is known for its cutting edge and impressive arts. Australia receives international acclaim for its vibrancy, originality and cutting-edge work in the arts, literature, stage and cinema, dance and classical music. Whichever course you choose, you’ll experience a unique kind of education. Studying in Australia promotes innovative, creative and independent thinking. You’ll learn to work as part of a team, to communicate effectively with others and to develop the practical skills and intellectual abilities you need for global success.

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