• How to Apply

  • There are number of steps that you must take into consideration when applying for admission and student visa. The following information can be helpful for you to study abroad.

    1- Pre-Application

    You have several options of doing further study abroad: English Language Program studies, Undergraduate studies (Bachelor’s Degree, Foundation studies, Diploma), Postgraduate Coursework Studies (Master’s by coursework, Graduate certificates and graduate diploma)  or Postgraduate Research (PhD, Master’s degree by research). Before you want to apply you need to check the following:

    • Satisfy the entry requirements for your course
    • Meet the English language requirements
    • Have or can get the appropriate visa to study in your intended country ( help and advice can be provided for certain countries we apply and get your visa on your behalf.)
    • Understand the fees that apply the scholarships available and that you may be eligible for financial assistance

    Important: If applying for English language programs, there are no special requirements and you will be given a duration of English study based on your English language proficiency. For undergraduate and postgraduate coursework studies, you need to choose your intended program of study based on your academic and professional qualifications.  If applying for PhD and research degree you may have to contact with supervisors which have the same research area interest as yours, and find out if your proposed research area is applicable at the university.

    2- Application

    Apply in person

    You may submit your documents direct to our office and sign an agreement.

    Apply online

    You can apply through an agreement and we will process your application.  If your application is complete and we do not require any further information then your application will be assessed. The application will be assessed by either faculty staff or International Admissions staff depending on the course and whether you want to be considered for credit transfer. In this stage, all submitted documents are assessed by education agents and if acceptable, your application is then sent to the University for Admission. Meanwhile, if there are further requirements it is asked to be forwarded. Usually, admission process will take between 1-2 months. For PhD students, it may take 2-3 months to assess the application.

    The University will send an acknowledgement letter to you (or your authorized representative) by email or fax, usually within two days of receiving your application. If you have not provided a fax number or email address in your application, we will send your acknowledgement letter to you by mail. The acknowledgement letter will include your unique application number. Please quote this number in all correspondence with the University. If your application is successful, your offer letter will be emailed directly to you. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter by mail (or fax to your nominated authorized representative) explaining why the application has been unsuccessful. If the offer is conditional, then you need to meet the conditions of your offer before accepting the offer.

    3- Visa Application

    A student needs to meet certain requirements to obtain a student visa. Based on your study destination country and country of residency, the requirements for student visas vary.

    Student backgrounds and their genuine purpose of study affects their visa application outcome greatly.

    Generally there are a few steps that you need to follow to start the student visa application process.

    Step 1 - Make payment of tuition fees

    Step 2 - Receive confirmation of enrolment or acceptance of studies

    Step 3 - Determine the type of visa

    Step 4 - Determine the country of residency

    Step 5 - Check the academic and age requirements

    Step 6 - Check the English language requirements

    Step 7 - Check the financial requirements

    Step 8 - Medical checks

    Please check out the following links for further information on student visa requirements for :

    4- Visa

    Depending on your country of study, It takes at least 1 month that your visa application is processed and finalized. If you are assessed as a genuine student, you must also meet all other requirements to be granted a student visa.

    When granted a visa, you must check your visa label for terms and condition of this visa. Also the visa expiry date must be noticed in order to leave the country before your visa is being expired.

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