• Refund Policy

  • Refund Policy - Fraud Policy

    Refund Policy

    As part of our commitment the fee charged for our university application services is non-refundable. Under compelling circumestances and in case no services are not given to the student becasue an unavailibility of StudyCo Pty Ltd, the application fee is refunded back to the student. For obtaining more information of service fees please click here.
    Please retain your Invoice/receipt of university application fee, as we require proof of purchase before any refunds can be processed. If you need to change your program of study you are required to pay the extra application fee relevent to the course of study.
    We aim to provide you with quality services to satisfy your needs. If you are dissatisfied with or have any complaints about any of our  services, please email us at inquiries@studybest.com. We will answer your emails as quickly as possible. This is our promise to you because your satisfaction is our primary concern. We advise all our customers to review this privacy policy and refund policy page frequently as this Policy may be amended by us at any time without specific notice to you. The latest Policy will be posted on this site and you should review this Policy prior to using this site.

    How to contact us

    StudyCo Pty Ltd  ABN: 99 155 316 626
    Tel: +61 3 9629 2655, Fax:  +61 3 9629 2611,  Email: counsellor@studybest.com
    Address: PO Box 180, Collins Street West, Melbourne Victoria 8007 Australia

    Fraud Policy Statement

    StudyCo Pty Ltd considers the act of fraud as a very serious matter and as such the website is committed to set out a strategy that is designed to frustrate any attempted act of fraudulent or corruption within the transactions made for colleges/schools programs. StudyCo Pty Ltd introduces appropriate measures to minimise the risk of fraud and adopts formal procedures to investigate fraud when it is suspected.
    In order to maintain StudyCo Pty Ltd high standards, procedures and controls have been established to provide an environment which will minimise the opportunity for fraud. These procedures and controls help us conduct our business in a manner beyond reproach. Our commitment regarding online security is simple. If assets are taken from your account in an unauthorized online transaction on studybest.com and you've followed the steps described in the Your responsibilities section below—we will reimburse the assets taken from your account in the unauthorized transaction.

    Your responsibilities

    Review your accounts regularly
    • Check your account frequently. Promptly and completely review all information we send you.
    • Report any errors or discrepancies in your account and any suspected unauthorized transactions or account changes to Vanguard immediately.
    Protect your studybest.com user name, password, and other account-related information
    • Make sure your user name, password, & answers to security questions are unique and strong.
    • Never share your user name, password, or other account-related information with anyone.
    • Never store your user name, password, or answers to security questions in your browser.
    • Clear any temporarily stored copies of online information by closing your browser after signing off. Do not leave your computer unattended while logged on to Vanguard.com.
    Protect your computer
    Make certain that any computer you use to access Vanguard.com has up-to-date security and anti-spyware, antivirus, and firewall software.
    Do not reply to e-mail requests for personal or financial information
    Do not respond to, open an attachment in, or click on a link within an e-mail if you suspect the message is fraudulent. Vanguard will not ask for personal information such as your Social Security number, account numbers, or passwords in an e-mail.
    Cooperate with us and stay informed
    Cooperate fully with StudyCo Pty Ltd in investigating and prosecuting any unauthorized activity in your account, and follow our recommendations about how to protect your account. We may require you to file a police report, complete a notarized affidavit, or permit access to your computer.
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